Strya is an enterprise that rents out rooms to tourists, local and businesses. We also rent out kitchen and banquet hall in connection with birthdays, confirmations, baptisms, funerals and the like.


Strya was established by Janne and Eirik Hamsund in 2014. We are located in the old school at Grunnfarnes. We bought school of Grunnfarnes Velforening who has run the school since 1999, when they took over the school after cod Municipality. Grunnfarnes Velforening has over the years they ran the school, put a lot of effort to rebuild and renovate the school so that it could be used for accommodation. We have a total of 24 beds in 7 rooms with attached kitchen, a larger kitchen that allows preparation of food for large gatherings and banquet hall that seats 60-70 people at the table.

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